Reviews are now considered critical for consumers seeking services or products on and off line. 85% of consumers looking for tourism, mobile phones, websites, you name it, take your business name and add “reviews” prior to making a buying decision. Lokalee has created a unique means to help businesses close more sales through reviews. The “badge” on the right of any listing allows you to copy/paste the code to your own website. What ever quantity of reviews you have and the number of stars shows on the badge (banner). We have placed this badge on a number of sites to get statistics and we found that on average more than 50% of all traffic to that website will click on the reviews banner. That helps close sales as many do not look any further.

The opportunity is making sales to business people that require the listings set up correctly, educating them on reviews and search engine optimization and the badge installed on their websites. Lokalee has over 300,000 listings and is growing by thousands every month. This traffic helps not just with reviews but getting more business for it’s listing owners.

30% of all revenue goes to the re seller, 40% to Lokalee and 20% to charity. You get paid reoccurring revenue for any customer that continues on an advertising platform for the life of the account.

We are adding several components to Lokalee like Classified, Job Postings, Idea Boards and more.

There is no obligation what so ever and if you would like to be independently employed enjoying working in a field that is in it’s infancy please contact us at 1-866-376-4240 or email info@lokalee.com.

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