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Fueltration Tank Cleaning & Services Inc.

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Superior fuel tank cleaning and fuel polishing services! We service all of BC, Canada including Vancouver Island – Sidney, Victoria, Nanaimo, Port Hardy, Campbell River, Pt Alberni.

Fuel is the life blood of any system. It is a non renewable resource.

It is no longer economical or environmentally responsible to throw fuel away when it becomes contaminated with water and Bugs! Save your tanks from Microbiologically induced corrosion by treating your tanks annually and removing the water annually. It will save you money and headaches.
Reclaiming your diesel fuel or gasoline is economical and environmentally responsible. We polish your fuel and more importantly clean your tank with our system!

Cleaning your contaminated fuel is the responsible environmental approach.

By cleaning the fuel and using it you are not wasting this non renewable resource. We have seen it all in our combined 40 years of experience !
We Service the following Industries:

Marine – Fuel Stations, Resorts, Sail boats and Motor vessels

Service Stations – both marine and land based

Standby Generators

Property Management companies with stand by Generators


Municipal Buildings

Federal Government Buildings

Provincial Government Buildings

Heavy Industry – logging Industries

April 1, 2016

We came limping back from offshore with two badly fouled, nearly inaccessible fuel tanks.which had not been cleaned within living memory. It took Fueltration one day with two friendly technicians to completely solve our problem without spilling or wasting a drop of fuel. This company is highly recommended. They are professional experts. Expensive, but worth every penny. Do NOT leave the dock without hiring Fueltration to clean your tanks. Really heavy weather will stir up all kinds of stuff in your tanks you had no idea you had.

  • Member Since: March 31, 2016

March 31, 2016

Fueltration services cleaned our boat tanks in a very professional manner and we recommend them for tank cleaning and fuel polishing.

  • Member Since: March 31, 2016

March 31, 2016

We recommend Fueltration Services to the boating community! They did a great job on our tanks and we were able to get back on our holidays.

The employees and owners are a pleasure to deal with. Super knowledgable and kind. A pleasant experience in a less than pleasant situation!

March 31, 2016

Excellent and very knowledgeable company on everything to do with fuel storage whether cleaning fuel storage tanks, large marine vessels, gas stations and more. I had no idea what fuel polishing meant until I met with Anne, now I understand the benefits, substantial savings, don’t let you fuel go to waste.

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