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I earned my medical degree from Georgetown University Medical School as did my father and brother so you could say I have been in medicine all my life. After two years in internship and residency, I did general practice, even making over 400 house calls. I knew all I really was passionate about was surgery and since it was the age of specialization, I decided to specialize in surgery and completed six years of surgical residency in the State University of New York system and fellowship training in New York City and Rome, Italy.

That was over 30 years ago. Not to brag, I am Board Certified by three Boards and have performed over 20,000 surgical procedures of many types. My contributions include several original operations, implants and instruments that bear my name. I have published several original articles and recently finished a book chapter on Free-Fat Grafting soon to be published.

As a member Fellow of many scientific societies, I have lectured and done teaching both here and abroad. I work in my state of the art clinic, which fully accredited for safety and excellence. I have an outstanding staff of highly competent well-trained professionals.

We are dedicated to your safety and privacy.

Stephen X. Giunta, M.D

  • Member Since: February 28, 2015

February 27, 2015

I have been wanting this for 18 years now. Finally able to achieve this. Dr Guinta and his staff are incredible professional peoples people. Had the procedure this morning and omw!.. wow! I received meds and pain pilks thr day before. It has now been mire then 12 hours after surgery and the pain/discomfort is mediocar so havent taken any pain pills yet. Normal urination us a pleaaure and honestly, they have done an absolutely fantastic job! Thank you Dr Guinta!!! You are truly the best. And I also want to thank his staff,- friendly, compassionate, kind people that takes pride in theur specialities. Thank you soo much! Recommend Dr Guinta? Always, no other options….stick to the best, which is Dr Guinta!

Thank you
Humble man with gratetude.

  • Member Since: January 17, 2014

January 16, 2014

Dear Dr. Giunta,
I just got married recently, and I think of you have contributed to my marriage. Thank you for everything. I feel that have changed my life for the better and forever I will be thankful. I have not seen any visible of fat loss which is great( I will call you if anything changes). If you ever in Chicago please let me know, I honored to take you out for lunch or dinner. Say hello to Carol and the staff, they are awesome.
K.R (Phalloplasty Surgery)

  • Member Since: December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

Doctor Stephen and each and every member of the team:
I can’t tell you how wonderfully I was treated by all of you. I felt each person cared about my surgery going well and each person made me at ease as possible, especially you doctor Stephen. Not only was the human element there, it was clear that you and your staff have years of professional experience and expertise. Everything about the surgery went smoothly and exactly as you described. No surprises… it was like you had done it a thousands of times before… and you have. I can’t yet comment on the final outcome, as tomorrow only the original wrapping is coming off. Just as written directions indicate, no erect gain is apparent on day 9. I am not concerned; as you have made it clear, it is up to me to follow the 6-month plan. The flaccid gain is very much apparent, even with the bandage on and since all your predictions and explanations have come out perfect so far, I am very much at ease and comfortable the plan.
I’ll speak to you tomorrow, as directed, when I remove the bandage.

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