Free Review Badges

Increase sales by inserting the Lokalee Review Banner on your website, it’s easy and free.

What is the Lokalee Review Banner?

It’s a graphical banner that links to your Lokalee listings page from your own website.

How Does this Help my Business?

When we placed the banners on sites, what we found was amazing, over 50% of the visitors that visited the sites clicked on the review banner that goes direct to your listing.

Some were placed on the home page only and others right in the main theme and template allowing the review banner to be seen on all pages. In the cases of having the banner on all pages increased the click through ratio by tens of times. Either way is beneficial, however on larger websites the return may be increased by having it on all pages.

lokalee lokalee-dark

Once a visitor clicks the banner, they can add or read reviews.

Reviews are more controlled and many visitors skipped other review sites as they were satisfied with the existing reviews reflecting real customer stories. This increased business for these sites.

Please be sure you have real reviews on your listing before using the banner!

How to set up the Lokalee Banner

Lokalee Banners have been optimized for responsive mobile devices. Please use the light version of the banner when using on a dark background. Example:

Light Lokalee Banner on a Dark Background

Light Lokalee Banner on a Dark Background

Dark Lokalee Banner on a Light Background

Dark Lokalee Banner on a Light Background

Instructions for placing the Lokalee Banner:

The banner will link back to your listings on Adding the banner may require your webmaster to assist, however the results are worth the small effort.


Step 1: Based on the color layout of your site choose the Light Lokalee Banner or the Dark Lokalee Banner. (The link will open the banner in a new page, from there you can copy them to your local machine)


Step 2: Upload the banner on your site so that it’s presented on a prominent location, preferably in the footer or with your social media icons. Examples of banners placed on some of the sites:











Step 3: Go on to and find out your listing URL and ensure you add an A link to your image which reads something like –

<center><a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Read reviews about Webacom Media Corporation on lokalee”><img src=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/lokalee.png” /></a></center>

Get More Reviews

Get reviews when your customers are with you, in your store and/or ask for reviews remotely if they are real customers. Right in your own store you can ask a customer for a review on the spot and they can login with their own Face Book password, thus removing the need to have another password. Have a tablet readily available to post your positive reviews.

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