Free Article Posts

First, thank you to the thousands of businesses that have spent the time to set up a proper listing with logo, text and images.

Now we want to help with more than just a backlink, we are hoping to see more engagement.

Whether you’re an independent business owner, marketing manager, webmaster or SEO specialist we all know how important content is to engage customers.

We want to add an Article Manager to Lokalee so potential customers can learn about your business.

It doesn’t matter what type of business with the exception of sex or hate related sites that we will not list.

If you have any story about your business, an educational article, video and anything of general interest related to your business we will post the article to the public feed with all credits to your business and a link right back to your own listing.

Do not plagiarize anyone else’s content, the article must be 100% owned by you!

Thank you and we look forward to creating a market place for business that helps you gain more business, yes everything is free.

Submit your stories to and be sure to include your business listing link.

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